Enoil Bioenergies

ENOIL BIOTECHNOLOGIES is creating bankable, profitable, and sustainable bioenergy and biotechnology projects and acts as an incubator for quality projects or research in the same domains.

We contribute to the bioeconomy by creating zero-emissions production processes and renewable energy to produce high-quality certified sustainable energy and consumables for improved nutrition, health, and wellbeing.

Our Mission


Maurizio CAROLDI, CEO of Enoil Bioenergies

“Our commitment is to meet the needs of the present world
without compromising the ability of the future generations.”

We provide solutions
for the world’s demand in biotechnology

Enoil Biotechnologies aims of producing biotechnology and renewable energies to supply the pharmaceutical, the foods, the livestock, the cosmetics, and the energy industries. The company chose to establish its offices’ headquarters in Geneva, which comprises also of a laboratory EBERL and a showroom dedicated to research and development for microalgae production in photobioreactors.

EBERL © R&D Laboratories
Enoil Bioenergies © Microalgae Production System

Our Products

Premium superfood made with microalgae

Microalgae production utilizes a new biotechnology to produce microalgae with no contamination, and pure clean water. All the production is made in Switzerland with high quality control. The unit consists in the production of Spirulina, Chlorella and Astaxanthin.

Biocosmetics made with microalgae

In partnership with HUR Laboratories in Italy, Enoil Biotechnologies is developing a range of biocosmetics products made in Europe with microalgae Spirulina and Chlorella.

Main Collaborators