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Enoil Bioenergies SA was created in 2013 in Switzerland.

Our creation was inspired by the experience of its founders and members of the Management Committee has held leading positions at various European companies involved in innovative renewable energies; the construction of wind farms, large solar parks, the development of bioenergy or biomass plants and R&D into new renewable energy or biotechnologies.

Key events since our founding in 2013 include:

2014 – 2015 – Feasibility studies were conducted on viable technology and projects for advanced biofuel production. A new process to reduce the impact and cost of production of biofuels made from animal fat oils used cooking oils (UCO) and vegetable oils of sustainable origin were developed.

2015 – 2016 – Feasibility studies were conducted for; the construction of a biodiesel refinery to produce high-performance biofuel (FAME-EN 14214) and USP Standard Pharmaceutical Glycerine; the construction of a Green Power Station producing electricity without Co2 emissions and; the production of micro-algae in Solar Greenhouses, in the Industrial Site of Daval, Sierre, Valais, Switzerland. The concept of an innovative Biocentre was formed.

Preliminary studies regarding the implementation of its Biocentre on the Industrial Site of Daval started. Negotiations with Ville de Sierre, the CIMARK foundation, the Government of Valais and with other institutions in Geneva and in Valais started.

2017 – Enoil Bioenergies SA obtained a 50 years’ land concession in the Industrial Site of Daval. Final engineering and project development.

New company headquarters opened at Quai Gustave Ador 54, 1207 Geneva. The office is also dedicated to a research laboratory and a showroom for new biotechnologies. The Geneva laboratory will test the controlled breeding of micro-algae in photobioreactors, the IT and computer systems for production and will optimize the performance of magnetic levitation wind turbines.


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Developing a Sustainable Future


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