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In a sustainable society, it is very important to raise public awareness. Individuals cannot make sustainable choices unless they know what those choices are, and countries will not take direct action to promote sustainable practices unless they receive substantial pressure from citizens.

For this reason, one of our important targets is to promote education. Promoting free and fair access to a quality education for all children, both girls and boys produce a number of positive outcomes. It increases children’s level of understanding about the environment; it empowers them to make personal choices about family size and lifestyle; and, it provides the world with informed and productive citizens. In Geneva, we have make available to visitors a showroom exposing our new technologies and our innovations on electric mobility. In Sierre, we will make accessible a much bigger “demonstrator” where will be possible to have access to almost all of our technologies.

New technologies and infrastructures, built using environmentally sound practices, have the potential to transform modern society. But, this is only possible if governments and businesses are willing to invest much-needed capital in their development. For this reason, we are constantly involving institutions and governments in our activities also internationally.

Is the current culture of disposable consumerism, fossil fuel dependency and heavy automobile use what we hope to pass on to our children? Do we wish to overcome inequalities in education, standards of living and economic opportunity? Then our personal values, as well as our actions, must change.


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Developing a Sustainable Future


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