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Biofuels research is one of the most dynamic areas within biotechnology.

As the well-established “First and second-generation biofuels” compete with food production it is necessary to search for alternative sustainable feedstocks and new techniques.

Biofuel production often requires instruments capable of operating at or beyond the limits of traditional bioprocesses. This may include high temperatures, anaerobic conditions, and/or multi-step procedures. Conversion of complex structures typically requires a pre-treatment and enzyme-catalysed degradation to simple sugars suitable as substrates for fermentation. Scientists at the Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories (EBERL) conduct research in a variety of areas in bioenergy development. The EBERL program focuses on a thorough, systems-level understanding of bacterial and yeast metabolism, gene regulation, and stress response for elucidating principles to help rationally engineer bacteria and yeasts for improved biofuel production.

In order to accomplish their goals and objectives, researchers in the EBERL program will implement automated processes, including the use of an integrated parallel bioreactor system and automated bioreactor sampling system, to conduct experiments for optimizing yeast strain characterization and selection. Incorporating tools such as parallel bioreactor systems and automated bioreactor sampling technologies can significantly reduce project timelines and increase the efficiency of the microbial strain characterization and selection process. Coupling Parallel Bioreactors and Seg-Flow automated on-line sampling technologies enabled our research staff to implement remote-controlled, automated process trigger sampling as an integral part of its yeast strain characterization activities. By integrating this functionality into their high-throughput screening and selection process, EBERL research scientists are better able to rapidly characterize process events, parameters and stress responses that impact yeast strain gene regulation and, ultimately, biofuel production.

In EBERL our researchers are working to better overcome the physical, chemical, and biological barriers to liberating sugars from energy crops and converting them into such biofuels as ethanol, biodiesel, or hydrogen.

Ongoing Research and Research Programs at the EBERL

  • H2O-CO2 Pre-treatment
  • Enzyme discovery and characterization
  • Fermentation
  • Systems Biology
  • Composting and Molecular Ecology
  • Engineer bacteria
  • Nanoscale enzyme imaging
  • Biomass characterization and analytical systems
  • Industrial Ecology

We’re engaged in fundamental scientific research to develop alternative, renewable fuels and biochemicals from biomass to reduce fossil fuel dependence and preserve the environment. Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories provides a unique intellectual and physical framework where investigators are addressing several key renewable energy and raw materials challenges while addressing an obligation to train tomorrow’s bio-renewable workforce.

  • Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories brings each research project to a point where an entrusted innovator – entrepreneurs and corporations – with savvy and resources can transform discoveries into products to address economic and environmental concerns.
  • Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories investigators will have soon access to more than 2,000 m2 of laboratory space have access to state-of-the-art, in many cases customized, equipment supported by powerful computing capabilities to collect, analyse and manage data.
  • Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories investigators are and will be well-recognized experts in a broad range of disciplines.
  • Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories investigators collaborate along an intellectual continuum that reflects the multifaceted challenges faced by bio-renewable fuels and bio-chemicals research.
  • Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories is vertically integrated to focus on the major challenges of bio-renewable research: biomass feedstock development; biological and chemical conversion process development; and economic and environmental impacts.


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