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About Electric Mobility

What is an electric vehicle?

Simplified mechanics

Electric cars are quite simple vehicles: an electric motor, a battery, a transmission system without a gearbox and a lot of electronics. The mechanical elements are thus limited while the electric motors are recognized for their durability and their maintenance almost zero.

How to maintain my Enoil car?

There is no maintenance related to engine fouling due to the use of gasoline or diesel such as the timing belt, the oil change, the spark plugs change.

Only elements such as brake discs or tires should be changed regularly, accompanied of course by an annual battery review.

Regarding the brake pads, it is interesting to note that our braking energy recovery systems can relieve the pads and therefore change them less often!

What are the advantages for my company?

Short-distance trips are both polluting and energy intensive. E-NOIL will save you money on maintenance costs and, of course, fuel.

Our marking solution will give real visibility to your fleet of vehicles and the reputation of your company will only be growing.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

The full charging time varies depending on the energy available and the battery size according to the chosen model, it is, therefore, necessary to provide between 2 and 5 hours.

Our teams will inform you of the performance of the battery according to your choice of the model of our ENOIL vehicles.


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