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About BioDiesel


The ultimate goal for E.B.E.R.L. (Enoil BioEnergies Research Laboratories) is to provide the fundamental science to underpin a cost-effective, advanced biofuels industry. Using systems biology approaches, the Enoil BioEnergy Research Laboratories are focusing on new strategies to reduce the impact of key cost-driving processes in the overall production of cost-competitive biofuels from biomass. For these biofuels to be adopted on a large scale, they must represent environmentally sustainable and economically competitive alternatives to existing fuel systems. New strategies and findings emanating from the centres’ fundamental research are addressing challenges for cost-effective advanced biofuels production:

  • Designing synthetic biological systems to produce renewable chemicals and fuels.
  • Combustion; advanced energy conversion systems; environmental emissions control; algae-based biofuels; conventional biofuels.
  • Biochemical, molecular and ecological analysis of photosynthetic algae. Emphasis on chloroplast evolution, photosynthetic processes, and harmful algal bloom formation, population diversity, lipid biogenesis and biofuel production.
  • Combustion Characteristics of Bio-Derived Fuels for Aerospace, Power Generation, and other Transport Applications.
  • Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass and bioconversion natural products of into biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel) and biochemicals (sugar alcohols, glycols).
  • Microreactors for biomass to biofuel conversion; Nanoporous materials for energy application; large-scale energy storage.
  • Advanced Biofuels and Co-Products from Mixed Feedstocks.
  • Characterization of novel microbial strains for biofuel production, development of optimized biomass, and the use of symbiotic microorganisms for enhanced plant growth in a sustainable.
  • Develop next-generation bioenergy crops by unravelling the biology of plant development.
  • Discover and design enzymes and microbes with novel biomass-degrading capabilities.
  • Develop transformational microbe-mediated strategies for advanced biofuels production.



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